The Smart Solution For Growing Marijuana

We turned to nature to come up with a better way to help you grow your crops.  PlantRx H20 incorporates the power of our revolutionary, exclusive ActivePure Technology with the cleaning action of water with hydrogen & oxygen-based oxidizers to produce ozonated water. There are amazing benefits to using ozonated water such as; all your utensils used for growing can be sterilized by soaking in the water for one minute. Quickly dip all your fresh cuttings for cloning to sterilize them before dipping in rooting hormone. Water can be sprayed at any stage including flowering period to kill all spores, bud rot, powdery fungus, and mildew, since there are no chemicals. Also great to pour into root zone to provide a massive oxygen boost; however need to wait one hour before using organics for the soil, after watering.

No Maintenance

PlantRx H20 requires no cleaning or routine maintenance to operate at peak performance.

Ease of use

You can set your cold water up with the attachment hose to easily supply fresh water to your plants.(We recommend using stainless steel or silicone tubing, small 4ft hose included.)

Optional port also available through us, used as a as bypass to access water at any time

Also could be utilized as a misting system.(also using right materials)


Easy to install

Can connect to standard hose fittings. No modifications or additional plumbing required.

Peace of Mind

PlantRx H20 offers peace of mind with internal electronic leak detection.

Certified Space Technology

The ActivePure Technology built into each PlantRx H20 is based on a variation of the technology originally developed for use on the International Space Station and is recognized as the exclusive Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation in its category.