Sanctuairy Mini


ActivePure® Certified Space Technology installed inside minisplit heating and air conditioning units to remove air pollution, surface contaminants, odors and dust, resulting in a cleaner, healthier and more efficient indoor environment. The perfect solution for homeowners and businesses who want to reduce and eliminate harmful pathogens.


  • Our proprietary ActivePure® Certified Space Technology uses light waves and a catalytic process to produce scrubber ions that remove dust particles from the air
  • Our Certified Space Technology continuously protects and purifies the air, and attacks contaminants on all surfaces
  • Proven effective in University studies on bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in the air and on surfaces
  • Installed by a professional directly to existing mini-split HVAC systems
  • Requires only 17 watts of electricity
  • Low maintenance
  • Coverage up to 500 ft 2
  • Significantly reduces dust and odors
  • Protects people from dangerous contaminants and pollutants, and protects mini-split heating and cooling systems from dust buildup
  • Removes VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)