Fral FDK54


If you are frustrated by having to replace broken dehumidifiers, this commercial-strength dehumidifier is designed to stand the test of time. The Fral FDK54 dehumidifier is well suited for use in basements, crawl spaces, building work sites and vacation homes. Nothing but the best high quality materials and components have been used to build the FDK54 dehumidifier. An easy-to-use digital control panel allows you to closely maintain your desired relative humidity level in 1% increments. The FDK54 dehumidifier will mitigate high humidity and easily maintain humidity levels less than 50% in spaces up to 1,600 square feet. This dehumidifier also features auto-restart for power loss protection, a powerful 350 CFM dynamically balanced axial fan, and even low energy consumption at just 510 watts. To further prevent operational interruption, the FDK54 offers a sophisticated hot-gas defrost system. This defrost system allows operation in temperatures as low as 33°F, making this dehumidifier ideal for crawl spaces and other unheated elements.

  • Electronic control board controls the desired relative room humidity
  • Air passes through the system and comes into contact with a cooled surface
  • Condensed drops of water form on the cooled surface
  • The condensed drops of water form on the cooled surface
  • The air then passes through a warm exchange and returns to the room dehumified